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IMVU is excited to announce another exclusive benefit to being VIP among our community. Expedited support has always been available as a perk to this elite group. In order to further enhance the premium VIP club experience, we have been testing a new way to offer instant support for the past few months. As a result, our treasured VIPs can now chat LIVE with IMVU Customer Support team between 6 am and 6 pm Pacific Time every day. All they have to do is visit our Help Center - accessible via our website and 3D Chat client โ€“ and click the Live Chat button available at the top. It takes barely a few seconds before our VIPs can start talking to one of our knowledgeable Customer Support representatives via chat.

The chat communication is convenient and quite similar to any other Instant Messaging services that our customers are familiar with. They can easily attach and send files if needed during the chat conversations. When our VIPs have obtained all the help they need โ€“ in a speedy and convenient manner โ€“ they can simply close the session and go back to enjoying IMVU. The chat logs are automatically saved for easy access for future reference, and an email is sent to the customer with a link to that chat log. We also want our customers to tell us about their Live Chat experience and we will be doing so via short surveys sent to all the happy customers who have benefited from the Live Chat support experience.

So far, our VIP members love this service, based on the feedback we have received on our customer satisfaction surveys. They love getting answers to their questions or concerns in minutes instead of hours or even days with multiple back and forth messages involving help tickets. IMVU appreciates its customers and is delighted to have added this perk to its VIP club members.

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IMVU Imvu $25 Game Card
Video Games (IMVU)
  • Provides 25, credits for use in the IMVU catalog
  • Customize your online self with a variety of clothing, shoes, hairstyles and accessories
  • Purchase pets, furniture and more to further personalize your IMVU avatar
  • Earn an exclusive collectible item when you redeem your virtual currency card
  • Internet connection required; game not included
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