Lake Isle Country Club

Free VIP on IMVU

VIP= Very important player.

They're mostly scene/emo kids.
They take IMVU seriously, but dosent everyone.
IMVU is amazing and way better then real life I'd say.

They spend money to be vip.
And they buy credits alot and make they're avi look like a hot mess.

They are funny, intresting and very unique.
All emo and scene kids are though.

They are prob the best people to talk to on IMVU.
But sadly,
They don't talk to everyone.

The bad side:

They are very stuck-up.
If you don't have vip, or good emo/scene clothes they will NOT talk to you, or even give you the time of day.

They will make fun of your avi.

If you even attempt to speak,
Which I doubt you will have the confidence or guts to
They call you a lame loser.
Or they call you, dun dun dun

A noob is the worst thing to be called.

Whom are people who havent bought they're avi names,
are considered noobs to them.

Then your a noob!
Don't attempt to speak to these kids!
For they have good comebacks ready and are FEIRCE!
Hardcore I must admitt.

They have the BEST imvu clothes.

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Free vip and coins IMVU ONLY
Free vip and coins IMVU ONLY
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free imvu Vip,AccessPass,Credits
Free Imvu Vip
Free Imvu Vip
ADV PRO qi2111-b Riverside VIP Lounge Club Cocktails Bar Neon Beer Sign
Home (ADV PRO)
  • Authorized Seller with best quality. Use the highest quality clear acrylic plastic and lighting
  • This is not a custom sign, name will be the same as the title shown: If you need color other than the one shown in this listing, please let us know.
  • Provide plug with default voltage according to your country s standard. 240v to: UK, France, European and other countries. 110v to: USA & CA
  • Approximate size: W 12 x H 9 (W 300mm x H 220mm). Over 92.8% sign s contents are in the scale of 1:1 to 1:1.34 (height : width), 12 x 9 which scale is 1:1.334...
  • Carved with the latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies (attractive in all directions)
Free Vip Imvu.
Free Vip Imvu.
Get VIP on IMVU for free
Get VIP on IMVU for free
Free Vip On Imvu
Free Vip On Imvu
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