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While I was in Boston, I wanted to get some good shopping in. But I didn’t want to bring loads back with me whilst also keeping the spending to a minimum. I was only taking a wee duffle bag for the 5 days I was there.

I did some preliminary research to see what the shopping was like near my hotel, The Nine Zero and there were just way too many boutique type shops. I really wanted more bang for my buck and I wanted to have some fun saving cash.

I did a search on Google and came up with Wrentham Village Premium Outlets. It’s located just outside out of Boston city centre in a quaint lil town known simply as Wrentham. If you know of the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in Central Valley, NY (New York City Area) – than you know what you would be getting yourself into at Wrentham. Same idea…same family of Premium Outlet Malls. ;)

Hmmm – but how do I get there? I did some more research and found that there were a few options for bus trips up to the outlets. Hey, I’m in Canada. It’s hard to check on reputability of these tour companies.

Upon further investigation I saw that a Bus Company by the name of Boston Common Coach offered trips up to the outlets. They came recommended by Wrentham Village Premium Outlets on their own website. For a reasonable rate they could pick you up from anywhere in the downtown Boston are and get you up to the outlets in less than an hour.

I booked my trip for a Friday morning with the lovely George Daou (President of Boston Common Coach). He mentioned that he could pick me up at my hotel (the bus does its rounds and pickups other hotel passengers/shoppers around the same time) and takes them up to the outlet. We left a shave after 10 a.m. and go to the outlet for 11 a.m.. We had an option to come back to Boston at 2, 5 or 8 p.m.. The passengers and I opted to come back for 5 p.m. which was a good decision.

The bus that we took was roomy, comfy and very safe. The driver kept the chatting to a minimum but was very lovely and efficient. It was a nice opportunity to chat with the other passengers and share stories where we were all from. I was the only Canadian; there was an American woman and 4 other Brits. I found out later when speaking to Susan Bladd, Marketing Director at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets that people come from all over the world to visit the outlets. As far as Asia, Russia, Japan and England for example. I even witnessed people bringing empty suitcases to the outlet to pop their shopping into. It was fascinating.

When we finally got to the outlets it was really neat to see the layout. It was laid out just like a lil New England village. It was clean, with white painted wooden store fronts and new awnings with designer names beckoning you to check out their wares.

Inside the shops were spacious, well organized, friendly and helpful staff, the stores were easy to navigate and at the same time provided a leisure shopping experience.

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